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Ann – Patient Care Facilitator

Ann, Patient Care FacilitatorHelping Patients Be Their Best

Ann was delighted to join our Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage team, facilitating our patients’ journeys to the best possible versions of themselves. She cares about creating genuine moments of connection with others on a daily basis, which she perfected while working as a barista for many years. Ann studied at the University of Calgary, earning a BA (Hons) in Law and Society in 2017, with the intention of going to law school. She has elected instead to take a year off to focus on personal growth, wellbeing and stress reduction. Ann’s time off has allowed her to start making healthy lifestyle changes – it’s never too late! She is proud to have lost over 40 lbs by focusing on taking better care of herself. Ann now strongly believes in the benefits of yoga and meditation as part of one’s wellness routine. Chiropractic care and massage therapy have also greatly contributed to her success in reaching her healthy lifestyle goals.

Enjoying a lifelong love affair with music and dance, Ann grew up taking lessons in various genres and still plays the piano, guitar and occasionally drums. She has practiced Egyptian style belly dancing since the age of 13, where she benefitted from both the unique abdominal workout and learning about another culture through their art. She is deeply passionate about mental health awareness and equal rights. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to classic rock and going on walks with her dog.


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