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Taylor – Patient Care Facilitator

Growing Up Active

Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage Patient Care, TaylorTaylor had a very active lifestyle from a young age and was involved in several sports, including soccer and figure skating. She participated in both sports at a competitive level until high school, when she decided to pursue soccer more seriously. She later joined the Ambrose Women’s Soccer & Futbal team. She played at a varsity level during her undergraduate studies and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Science.

Being involved in high level sports her whole life, Taylor sustained several serious injuries over the course of her sports career, and received both chiropractic care and physiotherapy. She was able to benefit significantly from her treatments and became interested in health and wellness as a practice and a lifestyle. Taylor firmly believes in maintaining a healthy balance in life, and that mental health and physical health are intricately connected.

Outside of Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage

On days off, Taylor loves spending time in the mountains with her husband. She is also a part time assistant wedding design & coordinator! Taylor is thrilled to be joining the team at Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage and can’t wait to continue to expand her knowledge of natural health and wellness.


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