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Meet the Beacon Hill Massage Therapists

“A Healthier, Relaxed & Re-Vitalized You Is Just A Touch Away”

Professional therapeutic massage is an age–old health art, which can aid with the healing process of many physical, mental and emotional ailments. It involves the scientific method of working the body with the hands to restore functionality, release tension as well as improve digestion, circulation, breathing and overall well–being. Massage therapy and chiropractic work synergistically for maximized therapeutic effect.

About our Massage Therapists

Our massage therapists are all registered with a minimum of 2200 hours. They are educated in all aspects of massage therapy including pregnancy massage, athletic injury massage, whiplash, performance enhancement, and relaxation. We do have some therapists who also combine cupping (silicone) with massage.

Massage Options

We offer a variety of options including 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes. Please note that your appointment includes consultation time, injury management recommendations and any change time required. Please call (403) 516-1141 to inquire about rates. PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY TO MAXIMIZE YOUR MASSAGE TIME.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your massage, we require 24 hours notice to enable another patient to book into our schedule. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be charged 100% of the full massage price.

To book a massage appointment, please call us directly at (403) 516-1141, or BOOK ONLINE NOW.

Sarah-Elizabeth Anderson, RMT

Sarah Elizabeth, Massage Therapist

Meet Sarah Elizabeth

2200 Hour Equivalency Sarah is a registered massage therapist with NHPC(Natural Health Practitioners of Canada) and a graduate from the Alberta Institute of Massage in Red Deer, AB. While she is originally from the West coast she is happy to call Alberta home and recently moved from Edmonton to Calgary. Sarah is passionate about preventative health, and using her knowledge to help her clients reach the best possible state of health. Sarah enjoys treating patients for the rehabilitation of sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, overuse syndromes, pain management, nerve entrapment syndromes, and chronic conditions. Her goal is to tailor treatment plans to help her clients reach their personal health and wellness goals.

Sarah is also studying Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine and is excited about furthering her education and ability to provide great care to her clients. In her free time she shows cutting horses, studies, hangs out with her two dogs, camps, snowboards, generally loves the outdoors and when the opportunity arises, enjoys an adventure. She’s very excited about working with the great team at Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage!

Brandy Rempfer, RMT

Brandy Rempfer, Massage Therapist

Meet Brandy Rempfer

2200 Hour Equivalency Brandy graduated from the Mount Royal University massage program in 2010. She takes most interest in rehabilitation and results-based massage practices. Brandy is currently working full-time after taking an extended maternity leave with her son, and is also taking online classes to become a clinical herbalist. Brandy loves to learn, and would like to continue branching out to gain more skills and knowledge in alternative health care. She loves to research holistic nutrition and herbal remedies. Brandy loves to spend time with her family at home, loves the fine performing arts, and loves to be in nature whenever possible.

Rhonda Feser, RMT

Rhonda Feser, massage therapist

Meet Rhonda Feser

2200 Hour Diploma I have been practising Massage Therapy in Calgary for 10 years now. I attended Medicine Hat College graduating with the certificate program in 2000 and the diploma program in 2001. My experience in therapeutic massage therapy ranges from injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, and chronic pain to the art of relaxation. My passion for the healing craft of Massage Therapy is myofascial release. It has amazing results with pain relief and increased range of motion.My massage style is unique and customized using multiple modalities from cranial sacral to rehabilitative sports massage incorporating PNF stretching (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation). I had the privilege to study under a chiropractor for two years which assists me to inform clients when they might benefit and need chiropractic referral. It is gratifying to be able to help people rehabilitate and manage pain and stress. It has been a very rewarding career choice for me.

Lyne Williams, RMT

Lyne Williams

Lyne Williams

2200 Hour Diploma Lyne turned towards massage as a means of addressing the impact of a highly stressful career upon her own personal health and wellbeing.This positive experience ignited her interest in the field of massage and she went on to study at MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy where she graduated with a 2200 hour diploma in massage.

Lyne is passionate about helping others and enjoys the wide spectrum that massage can be used to address individual needs, from relaxation to therapeutic and rehabilitation needs.

She seeks every opportunity to upgrade her skill and knowledge base so that this can be translated into effective quality client care. Lyne has a wide base of relaxation based training and has now turned her focus to further advancing her skills in deep tissue and myofascial release. Currently, Lyne is also involved in research work regarding the effects of pediatric massage on children subjected to childhood trauma. Her ambition is to educate and implement massage practises into these areas.

Lyne lives in Bragg Creek with her family. She enjoys nature and wildlife. She likes to shop, travel, ski, cycle and play tennis and was a competitive swimmer, representing her country at an earlier age. Her slightly adventurous side has seen her bungee jumping, motorbike racing and scuba diving.

Sarah Kennedy-Dicks, RMT

Sarah Kennedy-Dicks

Sarah Kennedy-Dicks

2200 Hour Diploma Sarah is a busy mother of 3 teenagers. In her free time she enjoys playing the piano, singing, and teaching group fitness classes. She recently relocated to Alberta from New Brunswick, trading the ocean for the mountains. Before becoming a Registered Massage Therapist she pursued a long, successful career in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor.

Sarah had her own fitness business for a few years teaching various fitness classes, personal training and working with the local schools and corporate programs. Following that, she held various management positions at Goodlife Fitness. She realized a different career was calling her name and she then decided to become a Massage Therapist.

“I love being an RMT because I can help people to reduce pain and teach my clients how to make lifestyle changes to improve their condition.”

Selina Bourgeois, RMT


Selina Bourgeois, RMT

2200 Hour Diploma Selina is a registered massage therapist with the MTAA (Massage Therapists Association of Alberta). She completed the 2200 hour Diploma Program at MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy and graduated in June, 2015. As a recent graduate, Selina is eager to learn and expand her clinical skills within the clinical setting of Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage.

The alternative healing industry is Selina’s passion! She believes in a wholistic way of approaching pain management. She has a focus in prenatal and therapeutic massage, including sports related injuries, overuse injuries, nerve entrapment syndromes, motor vehicle accidents and chronic conditions.

Jessica Williams, RMT

Jessica Williams, RMT

Jessica Williams, RMT

2200 Hour Diploma Jessica is a registered Massage Therapist with CRMTA (Certified Registered Massage Therapy Association) and currently holds a 2200 hour diploma through Makami College. She is in her final semester of the 3000 hour Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy program, graduating in April 2017. Jessica has a focus in Swedish massage, deep tissue, orthopedic assessment, therapeutic rehab and sports massage. Additionally, she has an interest in Thai Yoga Massage and intends to pursue an Advanced Course in the ancient healing practice straight from the provenance of its origination, Thailand.

Jessica has a passion for health care and the wellbeing of the body, soul and mind. In her spare time she enjoys volunteering her theraputic expertise at various sporting events and fundraisers. In addition, she practices yoga, spends times outdoors and supports animal activism. Jessica has a positive and eager attitude toward her role in enriching the quality of life for those around her and she brings a gentle demeanor and heart centered approach to her profession.

Jessica’s mission is to support individuals in achieving life balance through personal wellness. A firm believer in the inseparable connection between body and mind, Jessica is a proponent of massage for relieving physical as well as emotional stress, and strongly believes in massage as a integral modality for enhancing overall health and well-being for everyone.

“It is my dream to act as the catalyst in others, seeing the bigger picture and the important role self-care and self-healing should play in their lives.”

Blaze Flewell, RMT

Blaze Flewell

Meet Blaze Flewell

2200 Hour DiplomaBlaze is a registered massage therapist with RMTA (Remedial Massage Therapists Association) and graduated in May 2017 from the Alberta Institute of Massage. Blaze grew up in Red Deer and attended the University of Alberta, Augustana, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology with a minor in Psychology. She has always been passionate about health and fitness and was on the volleyball and cross country teams in university.

Blaze is excited to begin a career as a massage therapist and is thrilled to be able to help others achieve their health goals. She knows how important it is to take care of your body and realizes that massage is a great way to improve body function in a natural and positive way.

Jade Stiles, RMT

Jade Stiles Registered Massage Therapist

Meet Jade Stiles

2200 Hour Diploma Jade is a registered massage therapist with the MTAA (Massage Therapists Association of Alberta). She completed the 2200 hour Diploma Program at Grant MacEwan University and graduated in June of 2009. As a recent graduate and still fairly new to the world of health practitioners, Jade is eager to learn and expand her clinical skills and explore her capabilities within the clinical setting of Beacon Hill Chiropractic & Massage.

Moving to Calgary after a recent travel, Jade has enjoyed learning about the world and herself. She has discovered that she enjoys helping others help themselves feel better and loves being able to provide that helpful touch when needed. Whether it be therapeutic, pre/post natal, or just plain relaxation, Jade is happy to work with her clients to provide them with the best treatment possible. She enjoys a challenge and knows the physical body is just one aspect to higher health. Jade is passionate about health and loves learning new holistic approaches to life. She feels that when the body mind and spirit are all working together, there can be peace within oneself. She plans on furthering her knowledge at any chance and loves to attend yoga, play soccer and just be outdoors and in the sun. She firmly believes in travelling as it allows the spirit and mind to open up and appreciate the things we take for granted. “It’s humbling and good for the soul to expand our knowledge, understanding and appreciation for the world in which we live.”

Anita Cameron, RMT

Anita Cameron

Anita Cameron

2200 Hour Diploma
Anita has always had a passion for the health and wellness industry since she was a little girl. She moved to Calgary from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 10 years ago with my family for more opportunities and a better
life. She graduated from Mount Royal University in 2015, with a 2200 hour Registered Massage Therapy diploma and has a natural interest in pain management and rehabilitation. She focuses on sports related injuries,overuse injuries, nerve entrapment syndromes, motor vehicle accidents, pain syndromes, and chronic conditions. Some other conditions she specializes in are TMJ dysfunction, breast massage, and myofascial release. To be able to come to work and help clients through their hardships and to seek a healthier lifestyle is something Anita finds very rewarding.”I feel very privileged to be part of a patient’s wellness plan. In the future I plan to get my masters in physiotherapy and to continue changing people’s lives for the better!”

Michelle Vanderhaeghe, RMT

Meet Michelle Vanderhaeghe

Meet Michelle Vanderhaeghe

2200 Hour Equivalency In 1997, Michelle graduated from massage therapy, and became a member with the MTAA. She was in practice for 13 years, including owning her own massage therapy clinic in Valley Ridge. She decided to take some time off to raise her children, enjoy her new life as a mom and is now back to reconnect with her true career passion.Michelle gravitated towards the massage therapy because of a car accident. She received treatment, and experienced all of the benefits of massage which truly helped her heal and get better. She knew what massage therapy did for her, so she decided to help others experience the same benefits of massage she had experienced.

Michelle has years of experience in therapeutic deep tissue massage, prenatal massage, motor vehicle accident rehabilitation, sports massage, hotstone massage, and relaxation massage. Massage therapy is definitely Michelle’s passion, and she has missed it so much! She is looking forward to working with such a fantastic team at Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage!

Michelle Harper


Michelle Harper

2200 Hour Diploma Michelle is a member of RMTA and a graduate of the 2200 hour diploma program at the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in Calgary. For the past several years, Michelle has been on a dedicated journey to discover the very best “Michelle”, and inspire everyone on her path to seek out and strive for their very best!

After a fifteen year career in law enforcement, Michelle found herself with an opportunity to pursue her long held passion for massage. Once enrolled at the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy, Michelle immediately understood that the body is always gravitating toward balance and resilience. With that understanding, Michelle quickly developed a passion for techniques related to myofascial release, TMJ dysfunction, pregnancy massage and rhythmic joint mobilizations; as well as, traditional Swedish and non-Swedish techniques, relaxation massage and trigger point therapies. Michelle is excited to establish a long-standing career as a registered massage therapist at Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage. She looks forward to partnering with each of her treasured clients as they journey together toward optimal health, increased vitality and a greater sense of well-being.


Frequently Asked Questions…

Click here to download the form for new massage therapy patients.

Is massage for me?

Almost anyone can benefit from massage. This will be best determined in one of three ways. Try a massage for a shorter session and discuss your health history with one of our therapists. They will explain everything they are doing while you are receiving a massage and ensure you feel comfortable. Secondly you could book a 5–10 minute consultation with one of our therapists or clinic director to discuss any questions or concerns. We can usually answer these so that you can make the decision which best suits your needs. Finally, ask us for names of people who have agreed to speak to anyone for a personal reference. Most of our clients would love to discuss the benefits they have received from massage therapy at Embody Wellness Centre.

Who is a qualified massage therapist?

Massage therapists are required to maintain full registration under the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association. This organization oversees that the required training and testing has been achieved by all practitioners. There are many educational institutions across Canada that train and graduate registered massage therapists. These institutions have varying degrees of comprehensive programs and specialty training available to their students.

Should massage be painful?

Massage is not painful and does not need to be painful. Pain is a misleading term, as it is so often thought to be a bad or negative thing. Some forms of massage require greater firmness of pressure, and this can create a strong stimulation, but once again, not injurious or painful. Pain is a matter of emotional experience that is unique to every human being. Everyone’s perception of pain is different since so much of our pain experience is uniquely related to our cultural background, level of fitness, age, state of health and history of previous injuries. All of our patients are encouraged to communicate with our therapists, providing the feedback for them to individualize their experience.

How long is a massage therapy session?

Sessions at Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage can consist of 30, 45, 60 or 90 minute sessions.

Call today and let our Massage Therapists answer all of your questions.

To book a massage appointment, please call us directly at 403-516-1141.

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