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About Us

Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage front deskDr. Michael Schmolke started his practice in downtown Calgary by opening Embody Wellness Centre in 1996. In 2012, he transitioned his practice to Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage because the area is “family-centric” and he is a family oriented practitioner. Dr. Michael has volunteered in the community with the Calgary Blizzards Soccer Club and has been a competitive soccer player at the Men’s Division 1 level.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that we look at the entire individual to establish any “cause of illness” rather than simply treating symptoms. We have a multidimensional focus and take an integrated approach when helping our patients return to health. Once they are active again, we partner with them in an educational process so they understand and are inspired to make educated decisions to continually maintain and improve their health.

Mission Statement

As a chiropractor in Northwest Calgary, and his team agree on their mission statement: “We empower our patients through inspiration, education and compassionate wellness care.”

You’ll Get the Best Results

At Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage we find that the patient who is the most apt to get the best results is one who takes responsibility for their health and engages in behaviours which prevent illness and dis-ease as well as support their health. Our most successful patient is one who is constantly learning about what it takes to be healthy and stays engaged with this process throughout their lifetime.

A Unique Practice

Our practice is unique in that we have a multitude of very experienced practitioners, both male and female, who work in a team environment to look after our families in Northwest Calgary. We are open seven days a week and 8:00am-8:00pm Monday to Thursday, 8:00am-7:00pm on Fridays, 8:00am-4:00pm Saturday, 10:00am-5pm on Sundays. Patients can call anytime to book an appointment with any of our practitioners. We are here to serve.

Call Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage and schedule your appointment in convenient Northwest Calgary today. The road to wellness begins here.

  • I’ll be back for sure! I have already recommended Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage to a friend.

    -Colleen W.
  • Wonderful and polite staff. I would recommend Beacon Hill to anyone who needs some moderate to major pain relief.

    -Ty H.
  • Overall great experience and walked away feeling better!!

    -Jacqueline P.
  • I have been coming for years and the service is excellent and consistent.

    -Bob P.

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