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What to Expect

Welcoming waiting room at Beacon Hill Chiropractic and MassageNew patients love coming into our office! As soon as they see our fireplace they feel right at home. As chiropractors in NW Calgary we like everyone to feel comfortable and take great pride in our finely appointed office facilities.

Our Home is Your Home

We have plenty of parking which is easily accessible as soon as you enter Beacon Hill Shopping Centre. When our new patients arrive they are greeted warmly at the door and given a tour of the office. If possible, we advise our new patients to kindly fill out their paperwork before arriving as this helps us make the most of their visit once they arrive. Our New Patient Intake Forms can be found on line for your convenience.

First Things First

The purpose of your initial visit with one of our chiropractors is to discuss your particular health issues, as well as to discuss your health goals so we can partner with you to help you achieve them. We have many patients who are dealing with injuries, developmental issues and pain as well as many patients who are looking to optimize their health and/or athletic performance. These are all great reasons to seek our help. We start with a thorough physical examination which includes a history, postural assessment, surface electromyography, orthopedic and neurological testing, a stress test including blood pressure and heart rate, a computerized gait analysis and a Bio Impedance Analysis. If necessary, we have the ability to send patients for x-rays and any other diagnostic testing which may be required. You should plan to be in our office for an hour to go through this Initial Exam with
our doctors.

  • I left your office overwhelmed with the wonderful and thorough care I had received on this initial visit. I am so encouraged and thankful that I was directed to your practice. Help is on the way!!!!

    - Mary M.
  • Very thorough first exam. Feeling better already.

    - Dany P.
  • Great first time experience. The place was clean and the staff were all friendly.

    - Duana S.
  • Amazing first visit and I can’t wait for more!!! Extremely knowledgeable and thorough. On the road to a better me at a great facility with awesome staff!

    - Shannon S.
  • Great first visit. Thank you all!

    - Sebastian H.
  • First initial consult, meet and greet and overall tests was more than what I expected! Looking forward to my next visit!!

    - Joanne H.
  • First visit here was very helpful in addressing my related health issue. Friendly, knowledgeable skilled staff.

    - Ken S.
  • Awesome first time for everything!

    - April C.
  • I was able to see/feel results with the first visit.

    - Troy C.
  • A thorough assessment, kind staff, easy to understand explanations, beautiful office…wonderful first visit. I have high hopes I will feel improvement!

    - Denise B.
  • I was in so much pain when I arrived and left feeling so much relief in my neck and shoulder! Excellent, professional and very welcoming atmosphere!! I would recommend this clinic to anyone needing the service!

    - Judy H.
  • Amazing first visit to the clinic!

    - Cheryl C.
  • It was a perfect experience and I felt revitalized after.

    - Vijay M.
  • My first appointment was excellent.  Thank you!

    - Miriam B.
  • Great service. Fast, knowledgeable & friendly.

    - Ken D.
  • It feels like home!

    - Andres V.
  • You all are a great team. Very welcoming, helpful and organized!

    - Mona S.
  • I am really glad with the way my first appointment went. I am looking forward to getting my problems with my neck, back and knees fixed. Thank you! P.S. I will definitely recommend Dr. Sanders to my family and friends.

    - John F.
  • Dr. Michael was absolutely amazing and patient with me for being my first time and nervous. He walked me through more than I feel he needed to make sure I understood everything and the reason behind it all.

    - Kim D.
  • I feel confident that I will get the help I need here after my first visit!

    - Jocelyn S.
  • Thank you for an excellent first visit! The staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and explained everything.

    - Dawn G.
  • It was my first time. I am completely blown away by the professionalism of every staff member! I am definitely coming back. Thank you everyone! You are all amazing!

    - Zeshaan A.

Your Second Visit

When our patients arrive for their second visits, the doctor will thoroughly review their examination findings and make recommendations for care. Our doctor will make a diagnosis and together with you, create a plan of management to help you get better. We call this a “Report of Findings” and it usually lasts 20 minutes. This second visit usually occurs the day after your first visit.

There are a couple of reasons why we have a two-visit approach:

  • The length of your initial visit is reduced
  • The doctor has time to thoroughly review the results of your first visit to formulate an accurate diagnosis
  • Two visits allows us to initiate your educational process to help you learn how to get better, faster

Depending on your unique situation, our doctors sometimes make exceptions to this process, pending their professional judgment.

Regular Visits

Once we spend the time with you to review your history, do our clinical testing, formulate our diagnosis, and create a plan of management, most subsequent visits will usually be for treatment only and will last five to ten minutes. Our doctors can quickly determine how well your spine and joints are moving, as well as how your nervous system is functioning. They can adjust you quickly and get you on your way.

Changes in your spinal, joint and nervous system occur slowly and gradually. Each visit builds upon the next one as your spine and joints become accustomed to moving and functioning through a proper range of motion again. Miss a visit and your progress can back-slide, hindering you from moving forward with your health.

We promise we will do everything in our power to stay on time so that we can maximize the efficiency of your visit to get you feeling better, faster!

Are you a good candidate for chiropractic care? Call our Northwest Calgary chiropractic office to arrange a time to discuss your health issue in person.

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