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Meet the Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage Team

Tonya Schmolke – VP Operations and Communications

Calgary Chiropractor - Our Team

Tonya Schmolke

While Tonya was growing up, she became intrigued with the negative influence on one’s health due to poor lifestyle choices. This was a major factor in her decision to pursue her university degrees in kinesiology and education. Following university, she entered into the fitness industry. This is where she began engaging members in fitness testing, programming and coaching people on healthy lifestyle choices, both as a kinesiologist and club manager, in Toronto as well as here in Calgary (Bankers Hall Club).

Her alignment with the chiropractic profession has increased her knowledge base of factors which positively influence health and prevent disease. Her understanding of health constantly evolves as new information and research discloses the powerful effects of managing the stressors which are imposed on our bodies from all sources.
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While she has always known that mechanical, chemical, and emotional stress can make a person “sick”, she has learned that there are many proactive steps we can take to protect our bodies from manifesting the negative effects of such stress, thus preventing disease. She encourages friends, family, and patients to take action steps to maximize their health potential. These action steps include:

  • Receiving regular chiropractic adjustments and massage to ensure your physical body does not have mechanical stress or interference. Chiropractic adjustments remove nerve interference which negatively affects how well your body is functioning. This nerve interference contributes to illnesses such as chronic ear infections, gastrointestinal issues, pain syndromes, and a host of other disorders. Other biochemical benefits of regular chiropractic adjustments include a reduction in the release of stress hormones as well as increased mobility.
  • Staying away from toxins (chemical stress). Become aware of everyday toxins present in your home and place of work (off-gassing in new homes, plastics, radiation from computers and electrical devices). Reduce your consumption of toxic foods, such as simple sugars and pre-prepared foods which are often high in artificial additives, sodium and fat and low in nutrition. Eat organic wherever possible and become acutely aware of how your body responds when you eat certain foods. Reduce or eliminate your consumption of alcohol and pharmaceutical products (drugs).
  • Deal with your emotional stress by actively making decisions in your work and personal life to reduce your stress. You always have a choice. Exercise regularly, get adequate sleep and stay active.

Lynne – Patient Care Facilitator



Having received regular Chiropractic treatment at a very young age, Lynne has understood the benefits of Chiropractic care since long before her Massage Therapy training at Mount Royal University. As a health and wellness enthusiast, she understands that health is truly the greatest wealth! When not in the office Lynne can be found at the gym or out enjoying nature with her loved ones. Lynne is excited to be a member of the Beacon Hill Chiropractic Team, and is eager to share her passion for positivity and living a healthy life full of vitality.

Laryssa – Patient Care Facilitator



Laryssa takes a proactive and multidisciplinary approach to her health. She incorporates mindfulness into her daily routine using various techniques including meditation, qi gong and energy work. Laryssa graduated from the University of Calgary with a BA in Tourism. She continues to expand her education through numerous courses and is currently enrolled in Trilotherapy. Laryssa believes it is important to make a difference and currently volunteers with cats at a rescue organization. She also enjoys spending time outdoors. Her favourite sound is the peace and quiet of nature.

Natalya – Patient Care Facilitator



After growing up with chiropractic and having been adjusted since she was a baby, Natalya is looking forward to sharing her experiences and knowledge with the team of Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage. Throughout her life Natalya has actively tried to live a holistic and medicine free lifestyle and based her healing on the powerful effects of chiropractic care.

While still being a full time student at Mount Royal University, she is currently working to complete her degree in Health and Physical Education with a Major in Physical Literacy. Her current goal is to use her first degree as a springboard into a career in chiropractic to continue her love for holistic health care.

Natalya can be found continually being active outdoors through hiking, skiing and spending time in the mountains.

Call Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage and let us help you with your action steps to ensure that you maximize your potential to lead a healthy and active life!

Teal – Patient Care Facilitator



Teal has always been very interested in the health and wellness industry and is thrilled to have joined the team at Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage as a Patient Care Facilitator. In 2010, Teal graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and received her certificate as a R.H.N. Holistic Nutritional Consultant. Trained in natural nutrition and complementary therapies, Teal’s principal function is to educate and promote individuals about the benefits of living a holistic life style and practicing preventative health care.

After being in a serious car accident in December of 2014 that resulted in sustained injuries to her cervical spine and upper back, Teal witnessed firsthand the healing power and positive outcome of chiropractic care. Her success of increased mobility, relief of chronic pain and correcting postural issues is a direct result of receiving tailored chiropractic adjustments and other in-house therapy.

Currently, Teal is working towards her diploma and is enrolled in the Hearing Aid Practitioner program at Grant MacEwan University. In her spare time, she can be found practicing Arco yoga with her boyfriend, Remi at Nose Hill Park, volunteering for Non-Profit Community Organizations and enjoying nature in all its forms.

Teal is eager to continue her career as a Patient Care Facilitator and understands a career in the Chiropractic industry is an enviable way to contribute to the new century of optimal health.

Call Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage and let us help you with your action steps to ensure that you maximize your potential to lead a healthy and active life!

Meredith – Patient Care Facilitator



Meredith was born in London, Ontario, where she grew up having a very active lifestyle, playing ringette. She began her studies at the University of Western Ontario before moving to Alberta in 2013. Continuing her studies online, Meredith is completing a Bachelor’s of Psychology degree.

In January 2015, Meredith was involved in a serious highway car accident. In that moment, her life changed. The injuries sustained in the accident prevented her from pursuing the highly active lifestyle she had created for herself. Being new to holistic therapies, Meredith learned a lot about her health, body and mind. Although it has been a long journey, Meredith’s positive outlook and continued chiropractic care, have allowed her to strive towards a pain free life. The knowledge she has acquired has led to her passion in helping others benefit from chiropractic care and achieving optimal health with a positive outlook.

In her spare time Meredith enjoys exploring the outdoors and spending time by the water with her boyfriend and their golden retriever “fur-child”. She also enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and getting crafty. Meredith is excited to join the Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage team as a Patient Care Facilitator and looks forward to empowering others to reach their full potential and live a healthy lifestyle.

Andrea – Patient Care Facilitator



Andrea started her journey at Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage by receiving chiropractic care for her chronic back pain as a result of a minor car accident.

Months later, she was given the opportunity to join the team and be a patient care facilitator to other patients who received the same amazing chiropractic and massage treatment she had received herself. Previously, Andrea had been working in a high stress and physically difficult job, being on her feet all day long. Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage has allowed her to drastically change her eating habits, have a great work-life balance and most importantly, have energy to workout, do yoga, and cook nutritious meals for herself and her husband.

Andrea was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C and frequently travels home to visit her family. She loves to travel and her favourite destinations so far are Fiji and Hawaii.

Andrea is excited to continue her journey with Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage and give back and help others.

Francesca – Patient Care Facilitator



Francesca has been a ballet dancer for many years, and began teaching ballet when she entered university. Not having ever been exposed to chiropractic care, she was initially skeptical and did not think that a young dancer had any need for regular chiropractic treatment. She decided to give it a chance after she sustained a dance injury and suffering from jaw pain. She quickly became fascinated by the holistic effects that chiropractic was having on her entire body.

After recovering from her injury, Francesca was able to increase her athletic capabilities, and bring her dancing to the next level, thanks to her regular chiropractic care and massage therapy she received.

After experiencing not only an advancement in her dancing capabilities, but also many other positive health benefits, Francesca joined our team. She is thrilled to be a part of Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage and is eager to learn more about the healing effects of chiropractic each and every day.

Mikayla – Patient Care Facilitator



As a baby, Mikayla received her first adjustment at just one day old. She grew up in a chiropractic family and learned to appreciate the value of natural health care from a very young age. She was, and still is, extremely active in sports, learning to downhill ski at the age of two and playing competitive soccer through her life. Being a competitive athlete, Mikayla received both pre and post competition adjustments to ensure her nervous system was fully engaged and ready for competition, as well as to manage the aches and pains that result from playing physical sports. She understands how valuable chiropractic, massage and nutrition have been in managing injuries and keeping her playing at her best.

Mikayla has decided to continue her formal education in natural healthcare and she is currently enrolled in the College of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary. She is excited to be a part of Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage.

Mandi – Patient Care Facilitator



Mandi was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, where she grew up playing multiple indoor sports and enjoying the beautiful summers outside with her family. She started her chiropractic journey just after high school, when she had a lingering cheerleading injury.

Shortly after her first few treatments she began to travel with her husband, who was as a professional hockey player. When Mandi became pregnant with her first child, she was having severe sciatica and was fortunate enough to receive chiropractic care in Europe, which helped tremendously during her pregnancy. After Mandi and her husband relocated to Calgary, Mandi decided to expand her chiropractic knowledge and began working in a chiropractic clinic.

During her second pregnancy, she once again received chiropractic care, which opened her eyes to how helpful chiropractic care can be during pregnancy. This lead to the realization that her passion is to assist others in their health and wellness journey and she looks forward to learning and expanding her knowledge even more at Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage.

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