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Dr. Michael Schmolke

Chiropractor Northwest Calgary, Dr. Michael Schmolke

I wanted to have a career in healthcare, to help families perform at their best without the use of drugs or surgery. From prenatal/newborn, to paediatric and adult care, chiropractic was the career to best help me fulfill the goal of supporting drug-free families in Northwest Calgary.

Dr. Michael Schmolke is a well-respected chiropractor, health educator and motivational speaker in Northwest Calgary, where he has served for 25 years. His study of health sciences began at the University of Saskatchewan within the College of Sciences (Anatomical studies). During that time, he was a proud member of the U of S Huskies CIAU Football team and participated in 2 Vanier Cup Championship 89/90 teams as a running back. He then entered the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto.

He graduated Cum Laude, as a Doctor of Chiropractic four years later. He first established his practice in Downtown Calgary and shifted to Northwest Calgary in 2012. He is a successful practitioner and an engaging speaker within the Calgary community. His high energy and enthusiastic nature has helped encourage thousands of Calgarians to attain much higher levels of health and vitality in their lives.

Dr. Schmolke is dedicated to continuous learning and cutting edge delivery of chiropractic care, health empowerment, and helping Calgarians in health and healing. His passion for knowledge and experience in athletics, natural lifestyle and family wellness care, pediatric care, nutritional sciences, and integrative wellness have helped him develop into an effective health coach, chiropractor and Clinic Director of Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage.

“What inspires me is helping people through leadership and guidance in health care and education so that they may live life fully and be healthy naturally, particularly within the family unit. I have a passion to help our patients and families see health and wellness through a different perspective; one filled with natural options for restoring or improving health, function, digestive health, and mental wellbeing. The traditional options in Canadian health care are too dependent on medications, invasive procedures, higher risk use of surgeries or prescription medications. A teamwork approach with patients in our health care that includes chiropractors and holistic care experts saves money and lives. There has never been a better time to engage your health journey partnering with chiropractic care experts and our teams of holistic experts among side us!”
  • Dr. Michael was great and helped me on my 1st visit.

    -Glen A.
  • Dr. Michael, thank you for putting me back together.

    -Terry E.
  • A thank you to Dr. Michael for helping me feel better on my first visit.

    -Marie D.
  • I am very happy with my first experience at Beacon Hill Chiropractic. The staff were friendly and helpful. Dr Michael Schmolke was so kind, professional, and reassuring that he can help me with my issues. Great first visit!

    -Anna B.
  • Dr. Michael seems very knowledgeable, caring and dedicated. The front office staff and the pre-assessment care were welcoming.

    -Miryam V.
  • Dr. Michael was very informative. He was also very well versed and knowledgeable in explaining things to me and I felt a little more comfortable and knowledgeable when I left in regards to my Chiropractic care.

    -Erika K.
  • The staff members are amazing, and Dr. Michael Schmolke is fantastic. His explanations throughout the assessment, and adjustments make a huge difference. It’s nice to understand what he is looking for, and what he is going to do to help. My first experience was a very positive one!

    -Mackenzie L.
  • Keep up the good work. Never really trusted the Chiropractor till I met Michael. Never rushes like most do to make more money.

    -Ajay P.

Dr. Michael with family

“We are a chiropractic family.”

Family wellness care and pediatric care is important to Dr. Schmolke. He is happily married and, as a father of two daughters, he understands the physical and psychological pressures of growing up in today’s world. He loves looking after babies, families and children, who are an important part of his practice.

Wellness care for babies starts with pregnancy in ensuring mom’s are able to move freely and confidently during their pregnancy. Chiropractic is critical for the pregnant mother as there is no other time during a woman’s life where physical stressors are so high. From birth through to adulthood, there are various developmental changes which occur in a young body. With chiropractic care, we can harness the body’s innate potential for development so our children can grow up with healthy spines and nervous systems, free from interference.

In his free time, Dr. Schmolke volunteers in the general community, sporting community, and has competed in men’s league soccer. He enjoys skiing, hiking, kayaking, camping and all types of travel experiences with his family.

Dr Michael was very thorough, professional and personable. All the staff at the clinic are very helpful and friendly. I highly recommend this practice to friends and family and those looking for chiropractic care. Dan B.

Health & Wellness Experts

Dr. Schmolke leads a multidisciplinary team of integrated health and wellness experts who share a vision of natural health care for our practice members. Our team encourages proactive, self-empowering and whole lifestyle strategies for our practice members and their families. There is no better time than the present to expand your learning, receive our help, and build upon your physical and mental health and attitude. Let Beacon Hill Chiropractic and Massage exceed your expectations and empower you throughout your life.

Dr. Michael Schmolke | (403) 516-1141