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The Innocence of Gluten

Gluten is, and was, an innocent protein…and will always be a part of ANY grain. And in its native, innocent form, gluten was very digestible by humankind.

Not so anymore.

The Tragic Modification of This Protein

Commodity-based import and export agricultural practices drove the industries in agriculture and science to yield tremendous volumes of grain. In order to do so, the grain could not be ravaged by pests or insects, and naturally-occurring wheat plants just didn’t fit the bill…they got in the way of the high volume goal.

So, the subsequent modification has created mutation…and this has led us to a hornet’s nest…a very serious problem that affects every human being on planet earth.

The modern gluten particles found in wheat, rye and barley are so mutated that they’re no longer digestible by ANY human being. The enzymes in our body simply cannot digest them.

Today's mutation-infested grain

Today’s mutation-infested grain

The Result of Mutation Isn’t Pretty

Anything that ricochets around your digestive system, and cannot be processed, results in great damage to the lining of the gut. The gut lining is a delicate balancing act, one that’s designed to be protective in nature to prevent foreign particles from entering your system.

It also acts as a buffer and a barrier so that your body enzymes can break the foreign particles down so that we won’t be harmed. This can’t be done, however, with today’s mutated gluten.

This gluten ends up creating holes and small tears and rips in the digestive system. To make things worse, other proteins and normal bacteria seep into the gut through these holes, right into the wall of the intestinal tract, triggering immune reaction.

The Immune System is Your Own Personal Police Force

The immune system is a police force looking for foreign “anything.”

As the immune system starts to become attuned to all the “anything-at-alls” that sneak through the cuts and rips and tears, its function begins to change and results in:

  • Physical changes in the body
  • Mental changes in the brain
  • A Slow Response to Crisis

Western medicine has also been very slow to even acknowledge that there IS a problem, and that human beings can be experiencing profound damage without having any glaring symptoms!

Only 30% of people consuming wheat products will have a “sensitivity reaction” relating to their tummy. (digestive upset). The other 70% will have more obscure symptoms that are difficult to relate to gut damage.

Our goal is to raise the flag of awareness on this issue so that we can take back our right to safe food sources.

Are you with us?


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