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The Many Virtues of the Paleolithic Diet

Our Paleolithic ancestors are really US…before we became stupid!

Hunters and Gatherers

We’re the only species in the animal kingdom that have FORGOTTEN how to eat specifically for our “breed.”

We are meant to be hunters, we are meant to be gatherers of food, walking off a lot of calories as we move from one settlement to the next, following herds of animals while they in turn lead us to water sources and plant life.

Plants and animal protein: that’s the Paleo diet. We can’t mimic the activities of our ancestors anymore, but we can become mindful of what we’re putting into our bodies.

Clean, Healthy and Wild

Clean eatingPaleo eating is clean, healthy and as “wild” as possible, with proteins in as natural and organic a state as is reasonably possible. The bulk of foods that we consume should be things that we find “naturally’, that grow in nature, such as root vegetables and greens: plants that are anti-oxidant-rich, nutrient-dense and full of healthy fiber.

Modest amounts of fruit round out the diet, complimented by modest amounts of protein sources. This type of diet has been proven to produce leaner, stronger, higher-energy humans, with FAR less inflammation than with the high glycemic, carb-rich diet with which we’ve become so accustomed.

What if Every One of Us Went Paleo?

If everyone switched to a Paleolithic diet, we’d have to pull the guts out of the agricultural industry and animal ranching and farming practices, as well as the fishing industry. We’d have to really knuckle down to promote healthy, clean and more wildly-raised food sources and guarantee more grass and plant-fed animals.

At this point in time, we wouldn’t have nearly enough to feed our planet if we suddenly all went
Paleo! But…the amount of death and suffering from our illogical lifestyles and health practices is simply ridiculous!

We’ve got to start somewhere, so consider adding more and more elements of Paleo eating to our diet…and maybe, just maybe, the food industry will strive to keep up with our demands.
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